Well we got a few people who came to make art and listen. Some cool art got made. A friend’s child made a neat piece of clay with a diamond, snakes, and a king as well as a colorful painting we’ll put on our website. Rollo Barrier played with Kelly Harmstryker this time and it was beautiful as a threesome. I think she added something to their ensemble. Gutterwall then played as Richard and his son Eli. Wonderful and they had a great time. I didn’t get to listen to the music as much as I was in the studios and bouncing from room to room. We may have gotten more interest in our center, a few new people came. A therapist I know from another CSB came and participated and will promote us. We did have alot of competition from another gallery/art space that had painted nude models. Oh well. But I am going to go forth with my interest in promoting the experimental art/music creation as a therapeutic tool. And hopefully our open studio workshops will generate more interest as time goes on. Very cool of the 804 Noise people to join with us and spend time playing. Thanks!

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