I’ve been silent from the blogging for awhile. I’ve been busy finishing graduate school, another Masters degree. This one in counseling to fulfill licensure requirements in Virginia. So I’m licensed now too. I’ve been out of touch with the art therapy world for the most part. Except to keep working on getting the Virginia Art Therapy Association set up. This is done, or rather all applications are in. One to AATA and one to the IRS. Hopefully all accepted and we can be in business.
I’m excited to start reading about art therapy again. I’m starting: Art Therapy with Families in Crisis by Debrah Linesch. I’ve been getting more and more interested in family therapy. I love the dynamics that go on in a family. I’ve been continuing to work in my private practice. It’s really nice to own your own practice. We’ve got a neat place with two studios. We’re still doing the art walk events but music seems to be less and less a part of it. It’s boring to have the usual but I’m out-voted. I was so interested in having experimental music as part of these nights. Perhaps I can start something else and link art therapy and experimental music/noise.
I’ve started an open art group for women in NA. It started by meeting women when going to my fiance’s NA meetings. It’s interesting and a different way to offer art therapy. I’m not really their therapist but offering a therapeutic space for their creative explorations. I hope it keeps going.
I’m also getting ready to present at the AATA conference in New Orleans this fall. I’m doing two. It should be a blast.

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