Today we had our mask making workshop in tandem with our neighborhood business association’s block party. A few people came. It is mostly just us at these things! We are thinking about seeing if we can get the artists co-op going again and share a space with them. It would save on rent and hopefully bring us more business. It would be cool to have a joint space with them, having a gallery up front – a real gallery, not the almost gallery we have now – to complement the focus of art therapy. Even the name “But is it art?” goes with us. So to see if we can get it going in a month, before we have to give notice on our current space. It is so much to run an art therapy business, or any business I’m sure. I wish we could just offer it for free but we can’t. The need to make money is a weight for us sometimes. Something to think about when we want to get something, do something, or try to expand. We are going to do it another year and hopefully it takes off some more or grows at least.

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