Domestic Violence Resource Center P.O. Box 494 Hillsboro, OR 97123  p 503.640.5352  f 503.648.6905

24-Hour Crisis Line 503.469.8620 | Toll Free 1.866.469.8600

Children’s Intervention Program serves children 4-17 years old who have been exposed to domestic violence, adolescents who have directly experienced dating violence, and non-offending parents/guardians. We educate the community about the effects of domestic violence on children, teach prevention strategies to end domestic violence, and share ways to support children who have experienced violence in their homes.

We aim for child witnesses of domestic violence to

  • learn that the violence is not their fault,
  • know that it is o.k. to talk about the violence and to tell someone if they feel unsafe,
  • decrease the sense of isolation,
  • decrease anxiety and fear,
  • increase the sense of security, and
  • decrease self-blame.


  • Individual counseling
  • Support groups
  • Parent support group
  • Family counseling (with non-offending parent only)
  • Art / sand / play / filial therapy
  • Parent-Child Interactive Therapy (PCIT)
  • Safety planning
  • Advocacy
  • Information and referrals
  • Community education / trainings

Children exposed to domestic violence are at risk of experiencing poor school performance, fear, anxiety, panic, aggression, lack of empathy, withdrawal, guilt, shame, passivity and isolation. Child witnesses are at a higher risk of substance abuse, becoming victims or perpetrators, and suicide.

The program serves more than 150 children/youth and 70 non-offending parents served each year.

For more information, call Amy Gettings, program director, at 503.640.5352 x302.

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