In 1998 Cathy Malchiodi published:  Understanding Children’s Drawings”  (Guilford Press)

In this text, Cathy focuses on art produced by children in multiple contexts (motivation, environment,  process, drawing and the therapeutic relationship,  the role of the therapist, and resistance).   She also has an interesting chapter where she addresses personal beliefs.

She also address the art therapists response to violent content in children’s drawings, sexual content, and trauma.   Specifically in Section 5, she incorporates a few chapters specifically on trauma, child abuse, sexual abuse, and family violence.   She includes a helpful chapter on resilience and trauma, and dissociative disorders.  This text addresses additionally some areas that are still of importance for therapists to consider:  confidentiality, displaying of artwork from therapy sessions,  and ethical and legal issues.

Another good resource if you are an art therapist working with victims of violence that provides the art therapist with focus areas on clinical work, the therapeutic relationship, and legal/ethical issues.

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