Yesterday I presented on Instinctual Trauma Treatment and Art Therapy with survivors of sexually violent crimes.  I presented to the Hampton Newport News Community Services Board.  It was fun with a great and interactive audience.  I spend so much time doing administrative work that I forget how fun it is to go out and share information with people, discuss cases, etc.   I also got to revisit the immense and intense work that social workers do in community service boards.  Kudos to all the staff there who support the folks who need services that aren’t available in the private practice sector.  You do great work.

The Instinctual Trauma Response model is a really nice model of treatment to use with some of our survivors of crime.  It allows for multiple orientations of therapy to address the trauma with an engaged treatment team to work with the client.

I meant to take pictures and post but I will at the one on Saturday at Old Dominion University.

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