Another way I do visual journaling is through altered books. An altered book is just that; a book which was changed, transformed, or made new again. Altered book making is an art form that challenges traditional ideas of art. It melds visual art and written expression into new concepts, fostering growth and change.

The process can begin with any book, old or new. The book can be unbound, rebound, painted, cut, burned, folded, added to, and collaged in, gold-leafed, rubber stamped, drilled, reconstructed, or adorned in any way you wish. There is no wrong way to alter a book, and no right way for that matter. Books and the ideas contained within, reveal unlimited possibilities. Using those books to create art only furthers the idea that anything is possible.

The symbolism associated with the process of altering a book is transformation. Anything can be changed, altered, or improved despite the appearance that change is not possible. We can grow and improve and ourselves despite feeling that we are stuck, stuck being one thing only and serving only one purpose.

Open a book, open yourself, and begin to add, alter and transform.

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