I was so honored to be part of One Billion Rising and offer our services at The Creative Arts Space for the Healing Booth during the event. Art Therapy can be utilized for activism following therapy or as part of healing. Art and imagery has a long history with advocating for victim rights and societal change. Integrating with efforts like One Billion Rising is a wonderful and affirming opportunity to utilize the healing aspect of art creation with activism for social change.

We offered groups ahead of the event for poster making and arts activism activities and provided services for survivors during the event itself. Having a healing room available during events can be important for survivors who are triggered during the event. The organizers arranged a nice room away from the crowds with plenty of space to make art, process and take an emotional break from the activity. It worked well. I suggest other community activism events that involve individuals present who are survivors of inter-personal crime connect with therapists in your community to do the same.

The event in Richmond was held at the Richmond Coliseum and hosted about 400 people who listened to great speakers, danced, and made commitments to end sexual and domestic violence. I look forward to next year.

I am adding a post by V-DAY about the next steps in this journey for those readers who are activists.

February 14th might be over but ONE BILLION RISING has only begun! Now is the time to harness the power of your activism to change the world.

Let’s start by getting the Senate version of VAWA to the House floor for a vote!

We are calling on all of our U.S based activists to RISE for VAWA and we have a simple 2 week plan, with the aim to get VAWA passed by International Women’s Day on March 8th.

THIS Week:

Organize an event in your communities! Your representatives are currently at home and they need to see the support and feel the pressure of their constituents. You can do this event anywhere and the event can be anything:

  • You’ve already got your dancing shoes on so hold a RISE for VAWA flash mob!
  • Hold a rally in a public space (town square, local mall, town hall etc) and invite local activists to speak about the importance of VAWA and ending violence against women and girls
  • Protest outside of government offices and buildings
  • Hold a concert, open mic night, theatrical production, etc to support VAWA and those working to get it passed

Any of these options and more will help highlight the support for VAWA in your community.

NEXT Week:

Starting on Monday February 25th, your representatives will be back in Washington D.C. We are urging you ALL to flood their telephone lines and email inboxes with messages of support for VAWA. MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!



Don’t forget to invite the press! The more support our representatives see for VAWA the greater the chance for success!! Check out our One Billion Rising Media Tips

CONTACT Your Representative! Feminist Majority has made it super simple to contact your representative, just enter your zip code and you’re halfway there! CONTACT

Why is VAWA so important? LEARN more

SEND ENERGY & THANKS to VAWA’s friends in Congress, and SEND COURAGE to the Members who are silent so that they can stand up for survivors and victims and vote for VAWA >

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