Learn about Art Therapy and how it can be used when working with communities internationally and cross-culturally.

Within the township community of Winterveldt, South Africa, music, dance, and drama has been used for healing and self-expression for over a decade at The Bokamoso Life Center. The Bokamoso Life Center serves young men and women from the community, helping them heal and find new successes in life.

In 2011, Becky Jacobson, M.A. Art Therapy, and The George Washington University helped to introduce art therapy to the Center. Becky then completed a study, which looked at artwork and interviews created by the Bokamoso community, which highlighted important themes expressed by the youth. This study has since been used in creating a culturally relevant therapeutic arts curriculum, which will be implemented at the Center in July and August of 2014.

This presentation will illustrate what art therapy is; how art therapy can be used when working with community-based organizations; and how The Bokamoso LIfe Center has used the arts in supporting the wellbeing of young people throughout Winterveldt, South Africa.

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