End Violence Against Women International focuses on connecting professionals and strengthening the communities response system.


Vision Statement

We envision a world where gender-based violence is unacceptable; where perpetrators are held accountable; and where victims receive the compassion, support and justice they deserve.

Mission Statement

We inspire and educate those who respond to gender-based violence, equip them with the knowledge and tools they need to respond to victims and hold perpetrators accountable. We promote victim-centered, multi-disciplinary collaboration, which strengthens the response of the criminal justice system, other professionals, allies and the general public –making communities safer.


* Provide education, training, technical assistance and expert consultation.
* Formulate policies and disseminate best practices to guide reform efforts.
* Develop and disseminate original training curricula and resource materials.
* Conduct and disseminate original research to guide reform efforts.
* Evaluate, compile and disseminate findings from the research literature.
* Plan, execute, and evaluate public education efforts (media campaigns).
* Develop, implement, and evaluate programs for prevention or risk reduction.
* Promote multidisciplinary collaboration.
* Coordinate with other organizations in pursuit of our shared vision.

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