Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance envisions a world where relationships between people are respectful, healthy and safe.

We have a 25-year history of educating professionals and advocating for people affected by sexual and domestic violence.
Who we are:

* We are a coalition of people and agencies committed to ending sexual and domestic violence.

* We are the recognized leader in Virginia’s response to sexual and domestic violence.

What we do:

* We operate the statewide Virginia Family Violence & Sexual Assault Hotline, which links thousands of survivors and professionals to services in their communities.

* We make sure your community has the resources it needs to respond effectively to sexual and domestic violence.

* We educate individuals, professionals, communities, and legislators on how to stop sexual and domestic violence from happening and how to help those who have been hurt by violence.

* We bring people together to build networks and to learn from each other in order to make Virginia safer.

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