Interesting quote of Rose in his talking about  similarity’s between the structure of internalization and that of art.  He talks about how art is the dynamic equilibrium of opposites, of each needing the other for its fulfillment.  He cites the examples:  tension and release, control and ambiquity, variability and unity and continuity and discontinuity in time, space and personal identity.

Aren’t we that as well?  I mean as humans – are not we really the dynamic equilibrium of opposites, a constant interplay between tension and release, control and ambiguity, variability and unity, continuity and discontinuity, and I would add vulnerability and strength, loss and gain, permeability and boundaries, fear and fearlessness.  Existing on only one plane without the other would be but living half a life, an unbalanced life.   Does not art therapy strive to bring a person’s awareness of the inner conflicts we need to balance in order to live more successfully?  Is not therapy in general a means to bring inner balance, help us learn to navigate those inner conflicts that are really so necessary for growth, for resolution, for connection with others.

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