Judith Rubin writes the forward to this volume of articles by different art therapists. She opens discussing the use of art and creative acts as the means of finding solace and reparation in the midst of daily stress and traumatic events. Creation in the form of visual arts, writings, dance and music have long been used as a means to give voice to the ineffiable experiences of trauma. Art is a language that is more accessible, more flexible, adn more inclusive to express the multiple layers of feelings and contradiction within those feelings that arise from trauma.
I look forward to reading the collection of articles by trauma specialists.

One thought on “Reading – Expressive and Creative Arts Methods for Trauma Survivors

  1. art therapy works like the magical wand indeed. The pictures of people with disabilities not only heal the artists themselves but have lots what to say to their doctors too.
    You look forward to reading the collection of articles by trauma specialists, meanwhile I am just a happy survivor, thus my musing would be out of topic here. Yet let me invite you to my blog – to the art diary of one who was returned to life after some walk on the edge of the death. Just click on http://artbytomas.blogspot.com/
    I would like to showcase the works of my sad-destiny-brothers too. Therefore I dare to invite you to browse the archives of http://trustlight.blogspot.com/
    The patients have no right to teach their doctors how they should heal them, yet the above isn’t the goal of art therapy. I wish just to share the love that makes us all the grateful participants of life fiesta, and thus invite you to my blog Modus Vivendi
    I would be greatly appreciate your constructive comments. Your professional word could help me in my current endeavors to reflect better the neglected beauty.
    self-invited volunteer
    Tomas Karkalas, Klaipeda Lithuania

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